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Analyzing ERP's success in organizations.

Analyzing ERP's success in organizations.

ERP success stories will reveal that they were made possible through deliberate and hard work. The assessment of enterprise planning resource and defense enterprise planning resource are important tasks in this context.

ERP success stories need not necessarily mean that an organization needs to be contended with what they have achieved. They must think of extending the scope of enterprise operations so that many and thereby be a role model for more ERP success stories.

Some of them requiring attention are as follows:

Jada precisions Plastics co INC and IQMS ERP software
The manufacturing Company Jada Precisions Plastics INC was not happy within the initial ERP systems that were established to help them in raising the competence levels. The software definitely helped them to reduce the complexity of the labor but it was not the ultimate answer.

They finally got the much desired results from IQMS ERP software. The software was instrumental in giving the results. Upon analysis it was found that the former ERP systems tried to give ready made solutions to their problems in the form of packaged solutions while the later facilitated tin creating an automatic system for data transfer. This resulted in ERP success.

The point to be learned from this issue is that the ERP vendor should provide appropriate solutions based on the requirements of the client and not on the basis of his services. They are meant to make one understand the critical success factor for ERP implementation.
Eiffel ERP software's implementation in U.S. based chemical company.
In this situation their main challenges of the software lay in facilitating communication between the corporate office and the manufacturing unit that uses very old systems on one hand and managing a new chemical plant. Both these process had to be done simultaneously with the second process coming under the control of the first one after the intervention of ERRP software. Deciding this is like squaring upon critical success factor for ERP systems.

The main challenge with the first issue was that the data processed by the corporate office was to be reverted and resend by the manufacturing setup which was using primitive systems that were not capable of processing large information. The manufacturing unit neither required the whole information nor had the ability to process the same. This was the critical success factor for ERP implementation.

Eiefeel ERP system was designed to filter the required information and storing the rest till the retrieval. In the meanwhile ERP also processed the complex information in order to suit the capability of manufacturing unit.

The issue with the second process was that the newly setup unit had to become a part of the manufacturing unit. The problem was that the new process could work on the latest software whereas it had to be coordinated with the old manufacturing unit. The new software was designed to do the very old process but by making use of the latest equipments and thus ERP success followed. This again points the facts that ERP has to be designed based on the systems in the organization.
WinMan ERP in Athena controls
Success stories usually explain how ERP facilitated organizations to reach milestones. This story has a different style. They explain the concrete steps that are to be taken in an organization in order to attain the maximum benefits from ERP. This company is a concrete example and a living proof to substantiate the fact regarding the steps that a company needs to take and in not believing that a more implementation of ERP will give the necessary impetus for success in the organization.

The basic factor for success in this company is backed by the fact that they believed software to be a tool and not the solution to the enterprise problems. This is backed up by the fact that the company successfully combined the business practices with the nuances of the software. This process took place during a crucial time for the company i/.e. when they experienced a sudden deflation of profits.

They had a successful collaboration with Winmap software to unleash the enterprise Solutions. The cordial work atmosphere among the two prevailed over any mishaps. They experienced an increase in the profits level and various aspects of business like inventory management, cost reduction and so on. The facts and figures were amazing and would not have happened if the company had not used the circumstance like a platform for doing their best and understanding the fundamental mistake of not aligning software with business process.
Intitutive ERP Software in San Antonio's Lighthouse
SanAntonio's Lighthouse is a company that provides employment opportunities to the visually challenged and others undergoing some form of physical hazards. The company's core business is to manufacture products that best suit them to carry on a trade or profession of their own choice. In addition to making them the company also sees to that it reaches the end user.

The market trend underwent a sea change. The company decided to change their strategy in order to ensure that the customers received the products in the correct time. The pressure from competitors circle also led them to think an alternative for their existing distribution system.

The company had also ventured into selling goods and services online. They went ahead with Intitutive ERP systems as it gave them advantage of services like Microsoft Environments and platforms. The implementation process and shipping time were drastically improved. The company was able to realize its full potential and sailed in tune with the market demands.
SAP ERP Solutions in TISCO (Tata Iron and steel company Limited)
The steel majors prompt response to market change and shifting to customer orientation from product coupled with the implementation of ERP will speak more than volumes of their success for the timely action. The company is now able to reap benefits in all aspect and make further progress in each and every operation of an enterprise.

The company decided to implement SAP ERP 3 after careful consideration for they matched best with their requirements. In addition the company also forecasted on what would happen to their operations in the future while making this choice .This anticipation helped them to obtain the proper solution at the right point of time. The implementation process took a long span of about a year owing to the volume of operations and the major steps to be taken.

The company never got bogged down by the reported failure rate of ERP implementations especially in bigger units and kept continuing their endeavors with vigor to get the best and make the whole process learning cum experimental one. The net result brought substantial increase in profits. The speed at which they worked (and without even the minutest error) deserves great appreciation and is accorded as one of the main contributing factors for the success.

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